Safeguard against potential injustice.

  • Do you know your rights?
  • Do you have access to legal representation?
  • Do you know what to do when you get pulled over?
  • Do you have access to legal representation?

Answers and guidance you can count on.

Law enforcement should always act in our best interest, but what happens when that isn’t the case and you need someone in your corner?

Determination & Desire To Dream Big Helped Annie Luong

To Reach Great Heights Of Success

A success story is incomplete without challenges and hard work. Every person who has reached great heights in their career have faced rejections, setback, and failures. Sometimes, the situation isn’t in favour of the person. That’s what the case was with Annie Luong.

Born and raised in Vietnam, Annie Luong is a Chinese refugee and from an immigrant family. During her childhood, she didn’t get to attend school quite early. Over the years, she hoped that she was at least be able to read.

Support to protect your interests.

You are in a vulnerable position when the flashing lights come on behind you. So much anxiety and fear can be connected to officer encounters.

Will I get a ticket?

Do I have to answer an officer’s questions?

Are they allowed to search my car?

Do I need legal representation?

I don’t think I did anything wrong—can they still pull me over?

Can an officer arrest me for refusing to exit the vehicle?

With Greenlight, you can find answers to your questions or consult with an expert to know your rights. If you are concerned about an encounter, you can start recording—just in case

The Movement Behind Greenlight

We want to trust officers and we respect those who hold their position with integrity. However, we are also aware that not all officers have the best motives or follow the letter of the law correctly.

But, many citizens aren’t sure what they can and can’t do. You have probably heard rumors about how much you need to comply or when you can object—but rumors don’t hold up in a court of law. When you are facing a legal encounter, you should be informed and have support to ensure fair treatment. Every year, around 20 million U.S. drivers are pulled over by police for traffic stops.

With Greenlight, you have instant access to information that will help you safely navigate officer encounters and legal issues. Whether you are pulled over without cause or deserving of a DUI, you should still get fair treatment and legal support.
Greenlight helps you—no judgement, just facts and advice.

This is NOT a police the police app!

This is an app created to support you whether you are in trouble from your own actions or an officer’s abuses.

What happens when you are caught going 20 over the limit? What if you were swerving on the road, but not under the influence? There are many scenarios that require quick legal answers and educated support. Should you take a breathalyzer or could that one beer set it off (even though you are within the legal limit)? Do you have to show your license and registration? What if you don’t know where
your registration is? Don’t wait until you have traffic stop questions to download this tool.

Greenlight is an Ally for Citizen Rights

No matter what you are doing, officer interactions could occur. From your home to your car, you might need fast answers and immediate legal support.

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The Creators Behind Greenlight


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