About Us

Our Mission In A Nutshell

To enable growth and scaling in any e-commerce business, by helping owners to fully comply and prevent closures due to Terms & Conditions Infringements.

Making e-commerce truly more accessible and sustainable to everyone!

Fixing E-Commerce For Everyone

With multiple online platforms, each with its own specific terms of service, policies, regulations, and applicable laws, it is impossible for e-commerce companies to remain compliant with all of them.

When compliance issues occur, many major online platforms aren’t as transparent with the reasons behind the violation as businesses would like. This can make it difficult to fix it, additional emotional and financial stress on the business and its owners.

E-commerce owners deserve better. And Green Light will make sure they get it!

What We Do

Green Light is a platform that helps e-commerce owners and entrepreneurs access the best business and legal support possible so they can keep their stores running and fully compliant:

Niche Copywriters

Brand Growth Experts

CPAs & Bookkeepers

PPC Experts

E-Commerce Strategist

Specialized Legal Counsel

This allows them to keep revenue flowing, and scaling healthily while avoiding suspensions due to Terms and Conditions violations. Sadly, they happen very frequently. Although, for those who are already struggling with a closed-due-to-violations store, our professionals can also help them re-establish their e-commerce back to the revenue-making real.

How We Do It

Green Light serves two main functions.

Firstly, we help prevent e-commerce companies from committing unintentional violations of e-commerce policies and laws. This helps companies to avoid the risk of suspension that can stop their trade and damage sales.

Secondly, where unintentional violations have occurred, we use our multi-professional and skilled team to work with the platform owner to overturn these suspensions. This means companies can quickly get back to what they do best, serving their customers.

Our expert team of professionals all specializes in e-commerce trade. They are familiar with all the major online platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and many more. This comprehensive team includes sellers with a range of experience with startups and larger businesses. As they all have lived experience, they have encountered the majority of issues that businesses face across the most commonly used platforms. We also have an expert legal team who are familiar with various laws governing all 50 US states related to e-commerce trade and can help resolve legal deadlocks.

We designed the company to protect the interests of e-commerce businesses and business owners and prevent permanent closures and extreme losses of revenue.

We safeguard your freedom to work in the way you chose and protect your business legacy.

Meet Our Founder Annie And Her Personal Story!

Green Light’s birth took place after Annie went through major struggles with her former e-commerce. As an entrepreneur and beginner, she believed all it took to get a business on track was a great idea and great execution. So that’s what she did!

After opening some digital storefronts on sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Etsy business was going great. A couple of months in, a sudden notice of apparent violations caused two of her storefronts to be closed down. Allegedly, some small print from the Terms and Conditions had been violated.

After spending thousands of dollars in legal fees at the hands of law firms, her stores were reinstated, but a lot of revenue was lost. In fact, she was lucky because after talking to dozens of other owners, many of them lost their stores forever.

That’s when she had the AHA! Moment: “What if any e-commerce entrepreneur could fully comply and prevent these fatal scenarios affordably?”

And Green Light was born!